What’s the difference in warmth between the Woolbabe Summer, 3 Seasons & Duvet Weights?

15th Nov 2021

What’s the difference in warmth between the Woolbabe Summer, 3 Seasons & Duvet Weights?

No matter what time of year, there’s a Woolbabe for every season. We’re often asked what the difference is between the different weights of our sleeping bags and sleeping suits and how they can have such a wide temperature range for use. Read on to discover more about the different fabric weights and which one is right for your little one’s room temperature.

1. Duvet Weight with Sleeves

Our warmest weight, the Duvet Weight Sleeping Bags and Sleeping Suits with sleeves are perfect for room temperatures of 14 - 22°C (75-90°F). These bags are filled with 100% merino wool and it’s this filling of Australian merino wool that gives these bags & suits their exceptional warmth and excellent temperature regulating properties. They’re like a snuggly warm duvet for your babe and have a total weight of 600gsm.

The bag and suit outers are made from one layer of our signature 30% merino & 70% organic cotton blend and the The inside layer, against the skin, is made from 2 layers of 100% Organic 100 certified cotton.

The Duvet Weight Sleeping Bags have set-in sleeves with the Woolbabe signature blend fabric of 30% Merino wool and 70% Organic 100 certified cotton. This differs slightly to the Duvet Weight Sleeping Suit, which has 100% merino raglan sleeves, meaning you can afford to dress baby in one less top layer than without sleeves. This is a super snuggly sleeping suit, yet still allows for good movement in the arms.

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2. Duvet Weight

The sleeveless version of our Duvet Weight Sleeping Bags and Sleeping Suits are just as warm. The only difference is they don't have sleeves! This makes them slightly more versatile for layering, however it really depends how cold bubs’ room gets overnight and your layering preferences as to which you’d choose.

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3. 3 Seasons Weight

These sleeping bags & sleeping suits are made from two layers of our signature 30% Merino / 70% Organic 100 certified cotton fabric. They are super soft and supple,allowing lots of movement. Suitable for room temperatures of between 18-28°C (65-82°F), the 3 seasons are our most versatile sleeping bags & sleeping suits, ideal for use almost year round.

Many parents use their 3 seasons sleeping bag year-round, through summer, autumn, winter and spring, especially when they manage the nursery temperature! This means these bags are one of the most versatile for babies and excellent value for money as you’ll only need one for year round use (note, we recommend having two - one for the wash, one to wear). They can be used on hot summer nights, with just a nappy or singlet underneath or layered up with woolbabe bodysuits & zipsuits for cooler nights. Add a pair of socks if it’s extra cold!

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4. Summer Weight

Our lightest Woolbabe Sleeping Bag, the summer weight is just one lightweight layer (180gsm) of our signature blend 30% Merino / 70% Organic 100 certified cotton fabric. It can be used between temperatures of 24-32°C (75-90°F), so is perfect for summer day sleeps and warmer summer nights. The merino component is great for wicking away moisture and the blend is highly breathable, making it a sound choice for warmer days & nights. 

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