Woolbabe Duvet Weight Guide

Posted by Woolbabe on 29th Dec 2022

Woolbabe Duvet Weight Guide

Super soft, cosy and breathable, woolbabe is loved by parents & babies all over the world. Consistently receiving 4.5-5 star reviews, parents love how warm and cosy each Woolbabe style is. Woolbabe offers high quality sleepwear which will stand the test of time, often being passed down to several younger siblings and the children of family and friends. The quality and love for Woolbabe is reflected in our double gold OhBaby! awards for best sleeping bag & most recommended product.  Woolbabe has also been picked out as one of the best by editors at the Australian non-toxic awards.

Sleep sacks are a great option for babies and can be used from birth. They are a safer option compared to blankets which can become tangled or slip up above the face.  And because it's a wearable blanket, parents can rest assured that baby will be cosy and comfy all night, not waking cold after having kicked off their blankets.  Sleeping Suits are another safe option and are recommended for older babies and toddlers who are more active and may refuse a sleeping bag, but still need to keep warm.  Woolbabe sleeping bags and suits come in 3 different weights; summer, 3 (all) seasons and winter (duvet weight).  There is also a winter (duvet weight) with sleeves.  The duvet weight bag is perfect for winter and colder homes.

Woolbabe Duvet Weight

How to Layer Your Woolbabe

The Details

The Woolbabe Duvet Weight Sleeping Bag and Suits are one of our cosiest styles and is designed to be used in winter, for room temperatures of 14-22 degrees Celsius or 57-72 degrees Fahrenheit by varying the clothing underneath. 

Filled with 100% merino, the Duvet Weight Bag and Suits are super cosy, yet breathable, creating a warm pocket of air around your little one. Parents love how "snuggly and warm" their babies are. The Duvet Woolbabe is a quilted style, so feels more like a quilt or layers of wool blankets when compared to the 3 Seasons styles.  It is lined with a smooth 100% organic cotton which makes it ideal for babies with sensitive skin.  The outer is made from Woolbabe's signature 30% merino / 70% organic cotton blend, so it's buttery soft to the touch.

The Duvet Weight Sleeping Bag in particular is available in a front or side zip style.  The front zip is the most popular style, however it really is personal preference as to which is best. The side zip opens fully which is great for airing and drying, whereas the front zip is quick and easy to pop baby in to.  The Duvet Weight is available in the "mini" size, so can be used from birth until approximately 9 months. If you're swaddling baby first, the 3 - 24 month size would be better in terms of longevity.

Relax! I'm Cosy. This sums up what woolbabe is all about. Helping babies sleep better, staying just the right temperature and helping parents relax about their baby's sleep.

  • Award Winning Quality

    OHbaby! Most Recommended Product 2022

  • Merino Wool

    Signature fabric with 30% merino wool - Super soft & 100% natural

  • Organic Cotton

    Signature blend with 70% organic cotton - Soft & 100% natural

  • Temperature Regulating

    Warm when it's cool and cool when it's hot

  • Odour Resistant & Breathable

    Natural fibres help resist soiling and odours - less washing for you

  • Buggy (Stroller) Slot

    Sleep on the go, safely

  • Double Ended Zip

    Easy nighttime nappy changes

  • Machine Washable

    Easy to care for with a wool cycle

What weight or TOG-rated sleeping bag do I need?

A TOG (Thermal Overall Grade) essentially measures how much a particular fabric insulates and is roughly equivalent to a layer of clothing or a light blanket. Many sleeping bags use the European TOG rating system to indicate how warm the sleeping bag is and what season they are suitable for. The higher the TOG, the warmer the sleeping bag.  The Duvet Weight Sleeping Bag and Suits are approximately equivalent to a 2.5 tog cotton/polyester bag.     

Why are some sleeping bags tog rated and others are not?

Natural fibres, such as Merino are not rated TOG because they adjust according to temperature, and this is why they are so popular.  The Woolbabe Summer Sleeping Bag and suits are equivalent to approximately 0.5 tog.

Sleeping bags with cotton or polyester or that consistently perform to a testing standard or set temperature range tend to be tog rated. Merino is also amazing at wicking moisture away from the skin, meaning sweaty babies won't wake up due to cold, clammy fabric. Woolbabe bags have one of the widest temperature ranges - the 3-seasons bag can be used for rooms 18-28 degrees Celsius (65-82 Fahrenheit), and the duvet weight bag can be used from 14 to 22 degrees (57-71 degrees Fahrenheit).

Why use merino?

Merino is a highly breathable, 100% natural fibre that regulates your baby's temperature. Wool fibres form a natural air pocket which acts as an insulator, keeping babies warm without sacrificing breathability, so your baby will always be at the right temperature – never too cold, never too hot.       

Merino is also resistant to mould, mildew and bacteria, maintaining a healthy sleeping environment and preventing odours from developing.

Each Woolbabe comes with a room thermometer

Every Woolbabe sleeping bag or sleeping suit comes with a handy room thermometer that indicates the ambient temperature. On the back of the thermometer is a clothing guide, which guides you as to how many layers your baby may need for that temperature and type of bag.  The layering guide applies to both the Sleeping Bag and Suit styles.

It's good to note that every baby and child is different and it's important not to overheat your baby. The guides below are just that, guides.  Use them as a starting point and adjust accordingly, making sure to check that they are not too hot or too cold.  You can do this by placing your hand on their chest or the back of their neck.  If your baby is red and sweaty, she is too hot, so remove a layer of clothing.

As with bedding we recommend using natural fibre clothing or sleepwear with your Woolbabe, such as merino, which is excellent at wicking away moisture when it's hot and retaining warmth when it's cold, or 100% cotton.

Woolbabe Duvet Weight Clothing Guide

Please note this guide is applicable to both Duvet Weight Sleeping Bags & Suits

Room Temperature Suggested Clothing
20-22°C Long sleeve bodysuit
18-20°C Long sleeve bodysuit and pants (or onesie)
16-18°C Long sleeve bodysuit, top, pants (or onesie) & wool socks
14-16°C Long sleeve bodysuit, 2 x tops, pants (or onesie & extra top) & wool socks

Note: This is a guide only. It is important not to overheat your baby. The best guide is to consider whether the heating, bedding and clothing would add up to a comfortable sleeping temperature for you. The ideal room temperature for children is 18 to 20 degrees Celsius, with 18 degrees considered perfect! Please consult your medical professional for further advice if required.

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