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The Nestling Moses Basket Folding Stand is a perfect option to hold your Woolbabe x Honest Wolf Felted Wool Moses Basket. It has vegan leather embossed straps that help secure the basket from slipping. 

This simple design is easy to put together. It is super light weight making it easy to carry around the house (or for travel) should you want your baby next to you wherever you are - simply fold and take with you. This design is also perfect for storing away when not in use. A great height for having beside your bed and even when you are in a seated position.

  • Stand only - Moses Basket not included

Please note - you will require a flathead screw driver and a phillips head size 2 (PH2) screwdriver for assembly

  • Please cease use of this product when your baby can sit up, pull up on all fours or roll over
  • When assembling your folding stand we recommend using the middle hole on the end straps – this allows you to move the basket without the basket getting caught on the straps and stops the basket from slipping forwards.  Find the 3 guide holes on each end of strap, using the Phillip head or screwdriver gently push to make the holes bigger to accommodate the size of the screw. Check the logo is facing out before tightening the screws.  This keeps the vegan leather straps looking in tack. If using with another Moses Basket – ensure you measure the basket and choose the holes accordingly.

Please note - the above instructions have been updated and may differ to the instruction manual found in the package. The previous version of instructions indicate the leather straps were a different length. They are the same length and have been updated in the current version.

Note - this product is only able to be shipped to New Zealand Addresses and cannot be shipped internationally


  • Great for travel
  • Light weight
  • Easy to use


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This stand fits the Woolbabe x Honest Wolf Felted Moses Basket.