Woolbabe Sleeping Suit or Sleeping Bag - Which is better?

10th Dec 2021

Woolbabe Sleeping Suit or Sleeping Bag - Which is better?

Many of our Woolbabe customers ask us whether a sleeping bag is better than a sleeping suit, especially around the age of 2 years old, when their baby is outgrowing the 3 - 24 month size sleeping bag. The answer is…it depends!


We recommend that if your baby is still sleeping well in a sleeping bag then there’s no reason to change this, especially if your baby is still in a cot and isn’t getting up and walking around. After all, if they move to a sleeping suit and suddenly realise they can walk and climb they might try to climb out the cot. And we all know, that results in less sleep for everyone!


If your baby has moved to a toddler or big bed and is going to be getting up and moving around, then a sleeping suit is likely a better option for safety reasons. Your child will be free to move their feet, get up out of bed and walk around as they wish. We’d also suggest a sleeping suit if they’re close to climbing out of the cot, as a sleeping bag will be a trip hazard. Overall buying a sleeping suit at this stage is also better value for money rather than buying a sleeping bag in the next size up, because you may find yourself upsizing the bag and then having to buy a sleeping suit because bubs can climb out the cot not long after.


If you have a younger baby and they’ve started fighting the sleeping bag when going to sleep, a Sleeping Suit is likely a better option as your child will have their legs free to move about, whereas a sleeping bag restricts their movement a little more. This is especially the case with the Duvet Weight bags, which are not as supple in movement compared to a 3 seasons or summer sleeping bag.


The other factor to consider is longevity. If you’re buying for a smaller baby, the sleeping bag is likely better value for money as it covers a wider age range. For example we have sleeping bags in sizes 0-9 months (the mini), 3 - 24 months or 2-4 years, however the Sleeping Suits are sized 6-12 months, Size 1, Size 2 and so forth, so you will have to size up more often.


Warmth wise, the sleeping suits are the equivalent warmth of their sleeping bag counterparts. For example, a 3 seasons sleeping suit is suitable in room temperatures of 18-28°C (65-82°F), the same as a 3 seasons sleeping bag and you’d need the same set of layers underneath. So from a warmth and comfort perspective, you simply need to know your baby’s room temperature before making a choice. The Sleeping Suits, however, don’t have covered feet, like the sleeping bags. Some parents are concerned that feet will be cold, but as long as the core of the body is warm, the feet will be fine. You can always add a pair of merino socks if you’re worried about cold feet!


No matter which you choose, both have positive associations for sleep. Bags & suits will stay on all night and won’t cover the baby's face, so you can rest assured knowing they’re safe whilst sleeping. They can also be easily taken with you when you’re away from home - it’s calming to have something familiar for babies when they’re in a different environment. And by using the sleeping suit or bag regularly at bedtime, it’s a strong sleep cue for your baby.



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