When to introduce a sleeping suit

19th Jul 2022

When to introduce a sleeping suit

A Woolbabe Sleeping Suit is the same as a Woolbabe Sleeping Bag, but has legs! We designed the Sleeping Suits to be used when your baby starts walking and getting out and about more.

Customers often ask us exactly when it’s best to introduce a Sleeping Suit to their baby. The answer is… it depends!

Sleeping suits are sized from size 6-12 months and go right up to size 5. So you could choose to move a little baby into a sleeping suit, especially if they’re a particularly active sleeper. Most parents however, will look at moving their baby to a Sleeping Suit around 2-3 years of age, when they start climbing out of the cot or wanting to walk in their sleeping bag. Typically it’s also the age most babies outgrow their first Woolbabe Sleeping Bag, so a good time to change.

Here are a few questions to consider if you’re looking to make the switch to a sleeping suit.

Is your baby putting up a fight when you try to put them in their sleeping bag for bed?

If they’re resisting getting into their sleeping bag at bedtime, then it’s likely to be a good time to make the switch to a sleeping suit.

As a baby grows and becomes more active, some decide they want the freedom of more movement, in which case a sleeping suit is better as their legs won’t be stuck in a bag. It’s also safer if they’re getting up and standing in the cot a lot, because the sleeping bag can become a trip hazard.

However, if your baby is still sleeping well in a sleeping bag and is less active it’s probably best to stick with it for longer.

Nikki M says: "We love this suit, it’s brilliant having the legs so little one isn’t getting tangled up when he climbs out of bed! He loves it just as much as I do."

Is your baby climbing out of the cot/crib?

It’s also a good time to remove the side of the cot / crib or think about transitioning your toddler to a big bed.

Using a sleeping suit at this point also means that when your toddler gets out of bed they’ll have the freedom to walk around as normal as there’ll be no trip hazard that a sleeping bag poses. And if they do manage to climb out of the cot/crib, the sleeping suit will offer a more stable landing than a sleeping bag.

Katie D shares: "Daughter was sleeping in a sleeping bag, but once she was mobile and able to get off her bed in the middle of the night I was concerned she would fall. This suit took away all that worry and its lovely and soft and warm"

Is your toddler in a big bed, but waking up cold?

If your child has already made the transition to a big bed, but is waking up cold because they’re kicking off their blankets, a sleeping suit is the perfect solution. It can take children a long time to get used to having blankets and pulling them up to stay warm, so in the interim, a sleeping suit which they can’t kick off will keep them warm and cosy all night long.

Follow the layering guides to dress them appropriately for the temperature of their room. You could start introducing a light sheet/blanket over top of them to get them used to the idea of how grown up bedding works!

Lisa D says: "Super soft cotton / merino. My little one has been in a Woolbabe sleep sack and I’m pleased I’ve purchased another Woolbabe product. Can’t go wrong. Super cosy." 

Other benefits of a Sleeping Suit

Like a sleeping bag, sleeping suits are still a strong sleep association and can still form a big part of your child’s bedtime routine. They become an item of familiarity / comfort when staying away from home, such as at the grandparents or when you’re traveling, helping to make those ‘away from home’ bedtimes go smoothly. Of course, one of the biggest benefits is that they’ll continue to ensure your baby will sleep safely and warmly all night long.

Other things to consider

Sleeping Suit sizing is different to sleeping bag sizing due to the construction of the legs, so whilst you will get a long length of use from the sleeping bags (size 3-24 months and 2-4 years), the Sleeping Suits are sized at 6-12 months, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 years, so will need to be up-sized more often than a sleeping bag.

Camilla D shares: "The sleep suits are a brilliant transition when your kids go from cot to bed. Our toddler wakes and she is able to climb out of bed safely because of the suit design. We have gone up a size because she is in a jumbo cloth night nappy."

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