Should I choose a front zip or side zip sleeping bag?

15th Oct 2021

Should I choose a front zip or side zip sleeping bag?

Customers often ask us if they should buy a front zip or a side zip Woolbabe sleeping bag. Our front zip bags are the most popular, but ultimately it comes down to personal preference and how wriggly your child is.  Here’s some tips from us (and our customers) which may help you choose whether a front zip or side zip is more convenient for you.

Why you should choose a front zip sleeping bag

  • Ease of use: Some parents find front zippers easier to use, because you can lie baby down in the bag and simply zip downwards. Our Woolbabe sleeping bags have double-ended zips so you can zip from either end. This makes opening them up for a nappy change or for using in the buggy simple.
  • Good for wrigglers: Some active & wriggly babies can manage to pop the shoulder domes open on sleeping bags. Front zip bags, don’t have shoulder domes, so they may be more appropriate for an older or very wriggly baby.
  • Great for the buggy: In a front-zip bag the buggy slot is at the back and the zips are used as the front slot, which means there’s less likelihood of little feet going through the front slot - yes, this can happen! Having only one slot is also easier because there’s less fiddling with the straps and the slots, simply place the bag in the buggy, feed the strap through the back slot, lie baby down and zip the front around the buckle.
  • More "houdini-proof" for older toddlers: As baby’s grow, they become very adept at doing things themselves, they love copying us, and opening and closing zips is no exception! A front zip bag can be used inside out or put on backwards to stop your little one opening the zipper!

Why you should choose a side zip sleeping bag

  • Easy nappy changes: A side zip bag opens completely and lies flat, so in the event of a poo-nami, a bag that completely opens up may make the clean up job easier!
  • Transfer a sleeping baby easily: Because the side zip bags open fully, it’s easy to transfer a sleeping baby from the car seat or a buggy. You can have their bag open in the cot, lay them down on top and close the bag around them, all whilst they're off in dreamland.
  • Quicker line drying: Because the side zip bags open fully, there’s more surface area in the sun or wind and the bag will dry quicker on the line. This is also good for airing over the cot.

Side-Zip vs Front-Zip Sleeping Bag